Gideon Bavly, a US Coast Guard certified captain, is privileged to invite you out for a cruise aboard one of our two boats. Let's Go Sailing is incorporated as Zebulon LLC. Zebulon was the mariner tribe of Israel during Biblical times.

Growing up on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, Gideon's first lesson in the rough summer water of the sea was his father's advice to "be one with the water". Years later, after windsurfing as a young adult, Gideon decided to learn about the physics of sailing and fell in love with the water. In 1999, Gideon was certified as a US Sailing Instructor at the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center, and became a lead instructor with Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, teaching people with disabilities the art of sailing. Now a captain, he is ready to show both seasoned sea travelers and newcomers alike the joy of flying briskly along the water.